The only course online in Spanish who teaches you from 0 to 100 to use Google Ads as the experts.


Would You like to use Google Ads but you don't know by where home? You have invested in campaigns that only generate click and no sale? You feel crushed by so many options, changes and configurations that the platform has? 

With Google Ads Factory you will learn the complete process, from 0 to 100, to create, to fit and to optimize campaigns of Google Ads that generate more calling, more prospectuses and more clients for your business (or for the business of your clients).

Google Ads, before Google AdWords, is the platform of digital announcements with greater reach in the world (over Facebook still today in 2019). 

Google Ads no longer is only made up of the announcements in the finder (as many think) but also has to its disposition Google Display that is the greater network of websites of the world composed by +3.000.000 of movable sites and applications. Also it is Youtube Ads where you can show your brand in format of video extremely accessible costs, Youtube is the website #1 of videos in the world where they reproduce more than 1 trillion of hours of video every day.

All this is to your reach to a few clicks of distance and you will be able to return an expert and to always maintain to you to the day with the video course to you of Google Ads Factory!

The course is made up of 7 Modules, 72 Lessons and more than 20 hours of digital video with immediate access so that it is not nothing €œloose€


Foundations of Google Ads

In this module you will know the foundations and basic aspects Google Ads. From how creating a new account to how defining the investment or ideal budget for your campaigns. 

  • You will know the differences between Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and Youtube Ads and when he is advisable to use each platform.
  • Metric basic: CPC, CTR, CPA, CPM, CPL€¦ What means all that?  
  • You will know the most important concept Google Ads (If you understand it and you apply it, you will obtain better results than 95% of the advertisers)
  • How much you will pay by each click in your announcements? How to diminish your costs by click?
  • How to create the ideal structure of campaigns, groups of announcements and announcements in Google Ads to obtain the maximum return of investment.
  • All that at the Quality level (and things that nobody says to you on this scene) 


Google Search

It learns to attract prospectuses and clients highly described from the effective announcements as the network search. You will know from how making an investigation of key words to some tips to create extremely attractive announcements.

  • You will learn to create campaigns in the network search from zero. From the first announcement to the last keyword.
  • You will see real cases of some of our clients with the process who we followed to create its campaigns search.
  • What are the agreements of key words and why not to know it affects dramatically it to the majority of the advertisers
  • You will know is the process that we followed and the tools that we used to make a detailed investigation of key words. (It is a process of 3 and 1/2 steps)
  • You will know that they mean all the options of configuration of campaigns search and we will explain each to you. You will know which to omit and we will tell you why some options recommended by Google can make you lose much money.  
  • What are the extensions of announcements, which are the characteristics of each and which we recommended to use following the type of campaign and objectives.


Google Display

You will learn to use the greater network of websites of the world (+3.00.000 of movable websites and apps) to show announcements in places as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Yahoo, Cnn, El Universal and many more. 

  • You will meet the types, formats, sizes and characteristics of the announcements in Google Display. (And the 4 formats that better works)
  • Which are the different segmentations that you can use in Google Display and which to use following your objectives of business.
  • How to use a small gratuitous tool to create graphical announcements of highest quality (Without needing being designer)  
  • You will learn to create the new announcements of responsive format that you will be able to register in a matter of seconds without needing some type of design.
  • You will know the form simple step by step to create announcements of Gmail and some tricks that nobody says to remove you the maximum benefit to these announcements that have an incredible potential.


Youtube Ads

We will explain all that to you to how creating attractive announcements of video in the website of videos number #1 of the world. You will arrive at your prospectuses with impressive messages to extremely accessible costs.

  • We will explain to you as creating video campaigns that generate discharges rates of visualization and as reducing your costs of visualization so that you can increase your investment without problems.
  • You will meet the different types from formats of video announcements in Youtube. We will see the characteristics and advantages of each of them and specific recommendations on which to use.
  • You will see in real time the different options from segmentation to arrive at your ideal public in Youtube and thus to obtain the maximum benefit.
  • You will learn to tie Google Ads with your channel of Youtube to obtain metric specific and to make analysis of effective results.



It has happened to You that visits a webpage as Amazon and begins to you to follow an announcement by all sides? That is Remarketing! 

In this module you will learn the correct form to create campaigns of remarketing in Google Display, Google Search and Gmail that generate stops investment returns (With our clients we have generated investment returns superiors to +320% using remarketing) 

  • You will know each one of the steps to apply remarketing, from how implementing your codes in a website to how validating that they are working correctly. (Without needing knowing programming)
  • You will learn what is and how the cookies work, labels, codes, pixels and more.  
  • You will know which are the different types from remarketing and which to use following the type of business that you have.
  • 5 strategies and keys €œninja€ of remarketing that very few use and that always generates results to us over the average.



You already have your active campaigns€¦ Now what follows? To optimize! It knows in real time how we optimized and we improved some campaigns of Google Ads of our clients.

  • You will see in real time as we fit and we improved some campaigns of Google Ads for different companies. You will exactly know what to review and that adjustments to realise.
  • You will know our calendar weekly and monthly optimization that we followed in our agency to improve the campaigns of our clients. [You will be able to unload these calendars]
  • You will know as making audits active campaigns and thus to improve his results remarkably. 
  • You will know all that the Smart Bidding that is the future of the strategies of supplies in Google Ads. This will save long time to you in the handling of your campaigns, and mainly it will help you to improve your results.


Action for the Success 

In this module you will know those small and great actions that will allow you to cause that your campaigns happen to be bad or average to be extraordinary.

  • How to create landing pages for Google Ads that well is seen before the eyes of Google and that they avoid to be penalized.
  • You will know the anatomy €œlanding page perfect€ of Google Ads that always generates rates of conversion from 30% to 50%.  
  • Examples of landing pages that we used for our clients.
  • How to create one landing page from zero being used the tool #1 of our preference. (With no need to be programmer and in only minutes)  
  • As to implement the pursuit of conversions to know exactly how many sales you are generating in Google Ads.
  • As to create an account of administrator of clients (MCC) for agencies or consultants freelance.
  • And much more!

For which Google Ads Factory is the best course of Google Ads for Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Professionals of Marketing?


It observes in real time how we implemented, we analyzed and we optimized campaigns of Google Ads of all type.


We will never leave you only. You will be able to solve your doubts with us and we will help to solve them at any time you. 


The content always will be updated to the most recent changes of the platform of Google Ads. We will not receive extra to you by updates.


Many have shelp that the community of cwshorty academy is the true added value of our courses. Only lack you.


We are not tod³logos. We specialized in Google Ads and we always stay to the day of the new changes and innovations.


We facilitated the work to you with documents, checklists and formats that will help you to obtain faster results in your campaigns of Google Ads.


€œWhat I have liked more is that the videos are very detailed, all the passages from 0 are 100. In addition, the tricks that Alan shares do not come in any book, are best€  

- Tom¡s Ruschin, designer Web 🇦🇷

€œHe did not find in the market something that step by step took to you to create a campaign of Google AdWords from zero. Enough I am satisfied with Googe Ads Factory€ - Guillermo Holgu­n, mercad³logo 🇪🇨

€œIt was obtaining bad results with Google Ads at the home. Today my campaign of AdWords is working rather well. What I invest I recover it in a few quotes or calls€  

- Adr­an Flores, owner of business 🇲🇽

On the instructor€¦

Al¡n Valdez

Alan is founding of cwshorty, Google Partner and specialist in Google Ads and digital publicity from year 2009.  

He has worked in the handling and optimization of campaigns of payment by click for companies as AXA, Blackberry, Coppel and General Motors.  

Its passion is to help entrepreneurs, professionals of marketing and small businesses to sell more (to smaller cost) through platforms of payment publicity online.

He is super minimalist and as a child it dreamed about being player of professional soccer (but as you can be imagined, it did not obtain it, although still it thinks that 🤣 is a player in power)

You do not have anything to lose€¦

If you do not increase the number of prospectuses or sales of your business in 60 days we returned your money to you

What we took care of more is our reputation. It is why we want that you obtain results. If you are not satisfied (for whatever reason) you send a mail to us a and we returned your money to you. Without making questions. We took the risk.

Why to leave for morning what you can do TODAY with Google Ads Factory? 

Google Ads Factory is a course online of immediate access with 7 modules, 72 lessons and more than 20 hours of content of digital video in high resolution and incredible sound. The course ALWAYS is updated to the most recent changes of the platform. We create sincerely (and our students also) that this is the best course of Google Ads in Spanish in the market.

$500 usd

This is what academy says to some students of Google Ads Factory within the community of cwshorty

This he is the type of results that we want that you obtain with Google Ads Factory€¦

In the image you can see the results of one of our clients whom Google Ads uses and that it had as objective to generate prospectuses in a form of registry (or landing page) for a service of the financial sector.  

This was what it was managed after to have realised some of the adjustments, strategies and optimizations that we will share with you within Googl Ads Factory:

  • Diminution of costs by -27% click (Before one was pleased $11,7 by click and a CPC of $8,5 was obtained what it was translated in more visits with estimated minor)
  • Increase in the number of conversions of a +417% (Before 252 conversions were generated or prospectuses and after three months were generated 1.303 monthly prospectuses)
  • Reduction of costs by -71% conversion (Before the cost by conversion was of $120, after of optimizations only $35)
  • With the obtained results the client decided to increase his investment in Google Ads in a +51% (Of $30.000 to $45.000 monthly ones)

It is probable that your you manage to obtain this type of results that I finish to you sharing by your own account.  

Why I know it? Because that was more or less what we did. Nevertheless, to arrive up to here, we have had to administer many campaigns of Google Ads for different clients, to test very many, to enable to us constantly and also €œto lose€ money.  

But you do not worry€¦

There is a simpler form. 

And it is that you avoid all those pockets and errors that we committed and today accelerate your learning curve when forming part of Google Ads Factory.

We hoped to you There!

Frequent questions

Inasmuch as time I am going to have access to the course?

Of by life. You will need to make an only payment and only you will have access to the content without time limit.

If not nothing on Google Ads, is going to me to work the course?

Yes. The course of Google Ads Factory is focused mainly for people who have little or null experience with Google Ads or for which they have used it peo not have obtained the wished results.

How if the course applies for my business or project?

On the basis of our experience, we have realized that Google Ads can be taken advantage of by without number of types of businesses and different companies. Of different turns and sizes. From a national entrepreneur to one multi. But not yet you are safe of that, sends a mail to us to and with taste you we will be able to make a recommendation.

Why is the course received in American dollars?

The students of Google Ads Factory are in different parts from the world. In order to facilitate to all the access to the course, the best option than we found is to put the price in American dollars. Anyway, your you will receive the collection following exchange rate the currency of your country.

They are going to give some certificate to Me?

Yes. Once he finishes all the lessons of Google Ads Factory and that you realise a brief examination we will be sending you a customized certificate of cwshorty that you will be able to share in your social networks or your curriculum vitae.

How I can accede to the course? , How much he takes in arriving?

He interests much to us that you have an incredible experience. It is why your access to the course is immediate. After which you make your payment, the system will allow you to register your account of exclusive access to the platform of members where you will have access to the course. You can enter the 24/7 from any movable device, tablet or computer with connection to Internet.

Why to buy this course if there is much information free in Internet?

We know that there is much gratuitous information in Internet. We do not have anything against that. Nevertheless, we know that most of to the information nonsample of €œintegral€ way how Google Ads works. Much content exists (of the same Google) that it has as objective which you spend more in Google Ads more not to than you invest intelligently. (And this last one is our objective within the course)

What happens with the constant changes of Google Ads? Will the course be updated?

The content of the course is updated to the most recent changes of Google Ads. Also, it will be being been updating periodically and the members of the course always receive notifications when these changes are realised.

How I can contact them to clarify any doubt?

As part of the course, you will have the possibility of making your questions within the platform and we will respond to you personally. Also you will have access to the community of cwshorty academy where you will be able to interact with other students and to share your experiences.