Session of Consultancy 1 to 1 on Google Ads

Our consulting service consists of a customized session of 60 minutes where we analyzed, we reviewed and we fit to your campaigns of Google Ads or digital publicity. You will connect yourself with one of the consultants of cwshorty and will be able to help you to solve the restlessness, doubts and problems that you have with your campaigns of digital publicity.  


Why we are sure that we can help you with your campaigns of Google Ads?  

  • We are Specialistic We are specialistic in Google AdWords. It is the only service that we offer. We do not make design social Web, networks, movable applications, etc. (we are not €œtod³logos€)  
  • We focused in Results we focused in creating campaigns that prospectuses and clients of profitable way generate. We do not like the campaigns of €œbranding€ or €œpositioning€. We think that what you want to see is an investment return and that is in which we worked.  
  • We are Google Partners We counted on the certification of Google Partners that guarantee to us with the best practices of handling of campaigns of AdWords.  
  • We are however Constant AdWords it changes constantly, it is why in cwshorty we stay updated and we know newest the platform. We apply these knowledge in your campaigns so that you have the best results.

What you can hope after taking the session from consultancy 1 to 1? 

  • You will know cu¡es clearly are the steps that you must follow to improve your campaigns.
  • Substantial improvements in the performance of the campaigns of Google Ads
  • Increase in the volume of conversions and reduction of the cost by prospectus or contact
  • Implementation of strategies outposts of supplies, remarketing and optimization.  
  • We will share the recording to you of the consultancy so that you can review it at any time.
  • And more!

You do not have anything to lose

You can separate your place for consultancy 1 to 1, to take the consultancy and if by some reason you think that it was not what you hoped we will return your money to you without making no question. The risk we took it.