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It discovers How a Small business Raised to its Sales a +32% with Google Ads using these 3 Simple Strategies€¦

and how your you can obtain the same for your business and the one of others.

* More than 15.700 professionals they have taken to this class online

In this Class Online FREE on Google Ads you will learn:

Strategy #1

The formula to create campaigns of Google Ads of low budget but with GREAT results

Strategy #2

How to only show announcements people who are prepared to buy (and thus not to waste your money)

Strategy #3

The RAM method 

with which you will obtain better results than 95% of the companies in Google Ads


It knows the presenter of the Class Online€¦ 

Alan Valdez, founder of cwshorty, are Google specialistic Partner and in Google Ads and digital publicity from year 2009.

He has worked in the handling and optimization of campaigns of payment by click for companies as AXA, Blackberry, Coppel and General Motors.

Its passion is to help entrepreneurs, professionals of marketing and small businesses to sell more (to smaller cost) through platforms of payment publicity online.

Alan Valdez  

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