You are losing money in your campaigns of Google Ads?

It reduces costs and it custom-made increases your gains with our service of audit of campaigns of Google Ads. 

€œAccording to Wordstream, more of 80% of the accounts of Google AdWords of small and medium advertisers they are losing money€


The Reality of Google Ads€¦ 

Google Ads is doubtless the platform of more robust digital publicity and outpost than exists at present. Thousands of small and medium businesses use Google Ads as means to generate contacts, calls and clients constantly. 

Nevertheless, there is a reality of which few speak and that affect to a great number of advertisers€¦.  

A great percentage of advertisers (More of 80% according to different analyses) constantly loses money in their campaigns of Google Ads. That is to say, they invest more than they generate of gains.  

And those that are obtaining results good averages or, normally are losing a GREAT opportunity to secure excellent results.  

I want to think that if you are reading this, you feel identified with some of the following points:

  • Tried beam to learn Google Ads by your account. You have taken courses or sight many tutorials and you have not obtained the results that you wanted.
  • You have asked to third parties (expert) that help to handle your campaigns you of Google AdWords but you are not safe yes its work are realising it correctly or yes really they have helped you.
  • Taken beam services of €œgratuitous€ audits but the diagnosis that they give you is extremely basic and generic that does not allow you to really know if your campaigns of Google AdWords are being handled correctly.
  • You have very many activities in your business, that does that it does not allow to carefully review your campaigns you of AdWords and knowledge if a good work is being really made.
  • Beam the proven software in websites that review your campaigns, but you do not understand the recommendations very well that they give you and you do not know how to remove the necessary benefit to them.
  • Tried beam to contact to the service to the client of Google but its recommendations has not worked to you since more in recommending to you have focused than you invest more to than truly you realise an intelligent investment.
  • You have secured some results in AdWords but you do not know if you could be doing a better work.

If some of these points does sense to you, then, we recommended to you that you continue reading€¦

After analyzing hundreds of campaigns of Google Ads€¦ 

During last the 7 years we have had the fortune to work with many small and medium businesses of different turns and models from business that are announcing in Google AdWords.  

After working of the hand with them and to realise hundreds of experiments and different analyses we have managed to identify which are those aspects that do that a campaign pass of being of €œbad€ or €œaverage€ to one with €œexcellent results€  

It is for that reason, that we have decided to create and to share with you something new that we are sure that will allow you will improve the results of your campaigns of Google AdWords.

The solution to the uncertainty and bad results in your campaigns of Googe Ads 

€œService of Audit of Google Ads custom-made€

The service of audit of Google AdWords consists of which our team of experts makes a detailed analysis of the performance, strategy and configuration of your campaigns of Google AdWords.

This must as objective share to you as critics of your campaign are the improvement areas more (where you are losing money) and that this way you manage to correct necessary to improve them.  

This will allow to reduce your expenses you and to increase the volume of conversions. This way, you will manage to transform a bad account of or poor results to an account that really is generating a positive return of investment.

  • It reduces your costs: With the changes that we will suggest to you as she leaves from the audit our clients have managed to reduce their costs remarkably
  • He increases your conversions: You will obtain a greater volume in registries, contacts and sales of your campaigns of Google AdWords (Our audit has that objective)
  • He receives a complete diagnosis custom-made and: You will understand the complete picture about the performance of your present campaigns of Google AdWords. And not only that, in addition we will tell you what is what you must make to improve your results.  

Conce our process 

Our process of audit is made up of three important steps

Detailed analysis of the campaigns of Google Ads

We will request access to your account of Google Ads to initiate the analysis. 

We find the oportundades and the documentmos

We take into account more than 82 factors to identify the improvement areas.

It implements the opportunities and it observes the improvements

You can implement the descubrimietos or we to implement them.

This and l that some clients they say of our service of audit. 

€œWe had our doubts about depositing our confidence in a foreign adviser (greetings from Chile), since by a distance subject one lies down to think that the attention post sale and the communication will be inopportune and troublesome. We could not be mistaken more. After months to trust a local adviser and to only obtain bad results we gave with cwshorty, that only to weeks to take us as client obtained that our sales increased more of a 32% (it is a real data) and by the lowest cost.€

€” Luis Meza, Director of Sounding Engineering. 

€œWe took more than to 12 years doing summer campings and for the first time, I feel that we made the correct investment. After treating flyers, printed magazines, electronic magazines and all type of campaigns, this year we almost had a growth of sales of 50% and of our new clients at least 30% it mentioned to have found to us by Google Ads. Without a doubt, the audit of Google Ads that cwshorty realised for us was the starting point to obtain it€

€” Pablo Casas, Founder of Kin Camp

He receives your diagnosis and he begins to generate true results in your campaigns


  • Document with audit of campaigns of Google AdWords.

$350 usd 

$297 usd


  • Document with audit of campaigns of Google AdWords.
  • Implementation of opportunities found in Audit.

$500 usd 

$397 usd


  • Document with audit of campaigns of Google AdWords.
  • Implementation of opportunities found in Audit.
  • Live call with the presentation of the results

$700 usd 

$597 usd

If you are in Mexico and you want to know other forms of payment and/or to solicit invoice contacts to us here

These are some of the results that you can obtain with the audit

In the image you can see a screenshot with the results of a client who uses Google AdWords and had as main objective to generate prospectuses in a form of registry (or landing page) for a service of the financial sector.  

This was what it was managed after to have implemented the opportunities identified in the service of audit of campaigns of Google AdWords custom-made  

  • Diminution of costs by -27% click (Before one was pleased $11,7 by click and a CPC of $8,5 was obtained what it was translated in more visits with estimated minor)
  • Increase of the number of conversions in a +417% (Before 252 conversions were generated or prospectuses and after three months were generated 1.303 prospectuses in a month)
  • Reduction of costs by conversion/-71% prospectus (Before the cost by prospectus was of $120 pesos, after $35 pesos)
  • With the obtained results the advertiser decided to increase his investment in Google Ads in a +51% (Of $30.000 to $45.000 monthly ones)  

This he is the type of results that we want that you obtain€¦

We think that this service will allow to take the first step you to obtain positive results in your campaigns of Google AdWords or to still more improve the good results that already you have.  

And mainly, you will be able to have a greater certainty on the real performance of your campaigns of present Google AdWords. 

It initiates and obt©n now the general diagnosis of your campaigns of Google AdWords 

We are sure that once you apply the opportunities found in the audit you see before and quite later different ones in your campaigns of Google AdWords


Frequent questions

For whichever accounts of AdWords it applies the audit?

This service applies for a single account of Google AdWords. There is no limit in the number of campaigns, groups of announcements, key words or announcements that the account contains.  

Why is type of company this service?

This service applies for any company that or counts at the moment on campaigns of Google AdWords and which they are not obtaining the wished results or they want to understand which is the real performance of its account.  

As soon as time I will be receiving the audit?

The approximated time of delivery of the audit is of 7 to 10 days. The time of delivery begins to run from which we have access to your account of Google AdWords and you have filled the initial questionnaire of starting.  

What happens if my account of AdWords is working well at the moment?

Yes you realise your payment and we realize that your campaigns of Google AdWords are working correctly or we did not identify many areas of improvement, we will do an immediate reimbursement to you. It only interests to us to work with campaigns of Google AdWords that can improve their performance.  

Which is the difference between this phelp audit and other that are gratuitous?

Many companies and agencies of publicity exist that offer gratuitous audits of Google AdWords. Nevertheless, in our experience, the majority of these audits is very basic and has as main objective to sell a monthly maintenance service to you of handling of campaigns. We no. We did not review by €œabove€ your campaigns. We will understand your model of business in order to making a customized audit and in accordance with all the structure of your campaigns of Google AdWords. 

Which are the forms of payment?

You can pay with Paypal, credit card or debit card. For Mexico you only can make a payment through bank deposit or interbank transference. If you require invoice favor sends a mail to us to  

You offer invoice?

If you are in Mexico, and you require it, yes we can provide an invoice to you. Nevertheless, your form of payment must be different from Paypal to be able to generate the invoice. If you require invoice please communicates to you with us to the mail.  

Which are the entregables?

It depends on the plan that you choose. In all the plans you will receive a document in format pdf with the audit and detailed diagnosis of your campaigns of Google AdWords that will include all the areas of opportunity identified and the steps to follow to make the implementation of the same. Also there will be a section where we will tell you what you are doing correctly. If you choose plan FULL we will be implementing the changes suggested in the audit and in the PREMIUM plan we will have a call of 1 hour where we explained to detail the identified results to you.

How I can make effective the guarantee?

In order to make valid the guarantee you only must send to us to a mail to with the title €œguarantee audit adwords€. This request must be realised not later to the first 30 days from the implementation of the changes.  

Why it would have to trust you?

Because we dedicated ourselves to this and we can comporbar the results to you that we have obtained with our clients. Also we are Google Partners for several years. If not yet you are convinced commands to us runs to and with taste we can talk: -)